Birds (General)

The Bird Lover's Resource
This site offers a variety of avian information and resources including information on bird care and health, bird food, species profiles, and bird breeding. They also have an active bird forum.

All About Birds
All About Birds is produced by Cornell University. This is a very useful website because many different wild bird species are covered. All you have to do is select the name of the bird and a page comes up with lots of useful information and photos for that bird species. Bird conservation, attracting birds, why birds sing, and other bird topics of interests are covered.

Kaytee has information on wild birds, pet birds, and other small animals, as well as a forum, and bird and small animal products.

Birds and Science
For researchers or amateur bird enthusiasts.
A comprehensive bird site - bird breeding, bird watching, species identification, videos, photos, bird community, conservation, and much more.

Animal Corner
Animal information site featuring birds, reptiles, mammals and insects.

Birding Quiz
Birding Quiz provides bird photo quizzes to help you learn to recognize birds in an area you select. The bird photos are selected randomly, so for any particular bird species you will see pictures of females, males, juveniles, breeding plumages, winter plumages, etc. You can take the same quiz multiple times and you will get different bird photos each time.

Pet Pad - Birds is created from enthusiasm and love for pets, and animals in general. Find the latest pet news, helpful tips, and articles.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Birds
Find twenty-five beautiful birds you should know about at

Richmond Handyman
Richmond Handyman knows that if you do not have bird and bug screens in place that birds can get into tight spaces and create nests in unwanted places. Richmond Handyman takes care in removing these nests with care to ensure the safety of the birds and their habitat and at the same time preserving the integrity of your home. Please reach us if you have any questions.

Symbolism - World Birds
Find in-depth articles explaining bird symbolism and meaning.

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