Bird Photography

Dean Ead's Wildlife Photography
This site has lots of excellent photos of wild birds in their natural environment as well as many other wildlife photos.

Mike Danzenbaker's Bird Photography
This site has many nice photos of mostly North American birds in their natural habitat taken by Mike Danzenbaker.

Robert Royse's Bird Photography
This site has many very beautiful photos of birds in their natural habitat.

Hofmann & Scheffer
Our page is about birds in general and about birds in aviculture as well as about bird photography. The site is currently undergoing some updates and will have English, German, and Portuguese as languages.
Photobank of bird & wildlife stock photos with over 3000 images from more than 300 species available to purchase as high resolution images.

Wildfowl Photography
Wildfowl photographs from around the world and you can quickly identify different species of ducks, geese, and swans.

Wildfowl Photography
Don Getty's Wildlife and Nature Gallery has over 2,500 great photos of birds and other wildlife from many locations in North America, Africa, and Costa Rica.

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