Bird Sanctuaries is a project dedicated to installing and providing live streams from animal shelters and rescue centers all over the world. The main focus is to attract people to help animals in shelters. This includes the "Malyi" Bird Rescue Center in Hungary.


The Oasis Sanctuary
The Oasis Sanctuary is a life-care facility for captive exotic birds. In particular, we are a refuge for parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and other Psittacine birds (predominantly CITES I and II endangered birds), although we do accept Passerines (finches and canaries), Columbiformes (doves and "fancy" or racing pigeons), and other captive avian species. We offer birds a stable and loving home for the duration of their natural lives. The sanctuary is located in Cascabel, Arizona.


Indiana Bird Rescue
View Birds in Indiana for adoption. Shelters & individuals can post animals free.


Parrot & Exotic Rescue
Specializing in adoptions, behavior and nutritional needs, education, rehabilitation, and sanctuary needs of parrots and other exotic pets.


World Bird Sanctuary
The World Bird Sanctuary's mission is to preserve the earth's biological diversity and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments. We work to fulfill that mission through education, captive breeding, field studies and rehabilitation. We are located in St. Louis, Missouri.


Ohio Bird Sanctuary
The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is located in Mansfield, Ohio. The mission of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary is to preserve the biodiversity of Ohio through education, rehabilitation, and stewardship.

A-Parrot to A-Flamingo Parrot Rescue
Parrot and pet bird rescue, safe haven till re-homing, adoption to qualified adults. Brecksville, Ohio. No shipping. Adoption process. Donations.

Wings Over the Rainbow
Wings Over the Rainbow Rescue and Sanctuary in Moraine, Ohio, is dedicated to the physical and mental healing of neglected, abused, and abandoned exotic birds. Wings Over The Rainbow is a full service/supplier with all of our birds in house. 100% of proceeds are returned to the organization for the cost of housing and daily care of our adoptable and sanctuary birds. We are a public 501 (3)(c)charity under IRS regulations and survive on the good will of animal lovers.

New York

Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary
Grafton, New York bird sanctuary for golden eagles, American bald eagles, peregrine falcons, owls, hawks, NYC chickens and pigeons. They have over 1200 birds, most of which are disabled or unwanted and will be there for the rest of their lives.

Rhode Island

Norman Bird Sanctuary
A 450 acre wildlife refuge near Newport RI, offering over 7 miles of hiking trails and a variety of educational programs.

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