Bird Forums

Precisely Parrots Companion Bird Forums
Parrot/Companion Bird support community. Source for information on and discussion about pet birds, their care, and the enjoyment of having them in our lives.

Bird Crazy Forums
Information for bird owners, including breeding, pictures, bird health, classifieds, and games. Covers both pet and wild birds.

Bird Forum
An active birding forum dedicated to wild birds.

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This is a new beautiful site with information, bird chat, and lots of fun, so please join today!

Aussie Birds Friendly Forum
A friendly bird forum where you can get advice on caring for pet birds, breeding, feeding, genetics, training tips, and more.

The Australian Budgerigar Breeders Club
A forum that is all about budgies - budgie care, classifieds, questions and answers about budgies, budgie health, breeding tips, and more.

Auckland Waikato Avicultural Society Forum
A forum about all pet birds.
A poultry forum for people to discuss chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.

Long Tail & Long Crowing Fowl Discussion Forums
Rare Poultry forum focussing on the preservation of long-tail and long-crowing fowl.

The International Community Of Aviculture (ICA)
The ICA is the first and only Arabic site that is concerned with pet birds. It is noticeably reflecting the considerable experience of Arabic breeders in all aspects of aviculture. We launched the French and English community to bridge Arabic, so our visitors and members are welcomed to our new ICA community, Hoping you will benefit, as well as benefit from, others.

The Parrot Club
A new and friendly parrot forum for owners of all parrots to chat and exchange information.

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