Bird Species

Wildlife - World Birds
Find in-depth articles about different types of birds.


Canarios Satine Nuno Vaz
Canrios satine amarelo mosaico, satine branco e lipocromo amarelo. Site is in Portuguese.

Fife Fancy
Espero que gostem da passarada e do blog.

Spanish Timbrado Canaries
Useful information in English about Spanish Timbrado: what is a Timbrado, different song lines, ways of tutoring, mp3 song files from some of our own birds.


Cardinal Bird Facts
Learn all about cardinal birds from National Geographic.


National Cockatiel Society
Provides information on the proper care, handling, maintenance and breeding of cockatiels.


Mourning Doves
Learn about Mourning Doves habits, mating, eating, nesting behaviors, and lifespan. Mourning Doves
Learn facts about mourning doves at

Baby Doves
Must know astonishing facts about baby doves, their parents, and pigeons.


Two Little Finches
A website all about finches - caring for your finches, finch species information, bird news, pet bird information, and more.
A Web site devoted to finches that includes breeding tips, pictures, finch t-shirts and gifts, care information, book reviews, and more.

ZBirds Aviary
ZBirds Aviary specializes in zebra finches of rare colors. This site also has a lot of good finch photos and care information.

Arcadiana Aviary
A breeder of finches located in Franklin, LA. There is information and photos of each bird species offered for sale.

Lady Gouldian Finch has information on breeding and handfeeding finches, photos of finch species, information on their care, and more.

Glamorous Gouldians
Breeder specializing in Lady Gouldian finches and selling bird supplies. We carry Abba, Twin Beaks Aviary, Avitech, Vetafarm, Quiko, Nekton, Higgins, SunSeed, Morning Bird, and more.

My Gouldian Aviary
How to colony raise the Gouldian finch in an outdoor garden aviary. A beautifully illustrated site that is family friendly and secure.


A Hummingbird Guide
A guide all about hummingbirds. This site offers a fun resource of helpful information and tips about attracting hummingbirds with feeders and flowers. There is a nectar recipe, gardening zones for planting a hummingbird garden and some amazing facts about the hummingbird.
An excellent website where you'll learn all about North American hummingbirds.

Parakeets / Budgies

The Australian Budgerigar Breeders Club
A forum that is all about budgies - budgie care, classifieds, questions and answers about budgies, budgie health, breeding tips, and more.


The Parrot Club
A new and friendly parrot forum for owners of all parrots to chat and exchange information.

Eclectus Parrots
An informative Eclectus Parrots website & forum.

The Pet Bird Page - Parrots
Has photos and descriptions of many different parrot species. Also covers the care of pet parrots.

Parrot Parrot
You'll find lots of information at for keeping your parrots happy and healthy. Find wing trimming tutorials, info on teaching parrots to talk, a basic care guide, a parrot forum, and much more.

Superior Parrot is a great blog of parrot pictures - wet, messy, chewing, or just generally being adorable. Send us pictures of your superior parrot - we supply the snappy captions so you don't have to worry about what to say. Come check it out - it's all free and just for fun.

Facts About Parrots
16 fun facts that'll make everyone you know say "I never knew that!"


National Pigeon Association
The National Pigeon Association is an all-breeds pigeon clib with an International membership. Encompassing all varieties of domesticated pigeons, the NPA promotes, educates, and acknowledges the efforts of fanciers in the continued development of pigeons.

High Desert Pigeon Control
Pigeon control and wild bird removal services. We ensure the health and safety of both humans and animals.


Seagull Facts
Information about North American seagulls.

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