Luigi the Quaker Parrots Personal Web Page
Luigi is an intelligent little thing who has many videos of his training on his web page, please feel free to sign his guestbook or visit his Twitter/Facebook page, and if you like you can even check out his newly created blog page.

The Parrot Club
A new and friendly parrot forum for owners of all parrots to chat and exchange information.

Eclectus Parrots
An informative Eclectus Parrots website & forum.

The Pet Bird Page - Parrots
Has photos and descriptions of many different parrot species. Also covers the care of pet parrots.

Parrot Supplies is your source for everything you need to care for, train, and entertain your parrot.

Parrot Parrot
You'll find lots of information at for keeping your parrots happy and healthy. Find wing trimming tutorials, info on teaching parrots to talk, a basic care guide, a parrot forum, and much more.

African Grey Parrots
Information regarding many aspects of the African grey parrot species such as breeding, diet, and care information.

Parrot and Conure World
We have tons of parrot information and an avian Vet that will answer your questions.

Superior Parrot is a great blog of parrot pictures - wet, messy, chewing, or just generally being adorable. Send us pictures of your superior parrot - we supply the snappy captions so you don't have to worry about what to say. Come check it out - it's all free and just for fun.

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