Wild Birds & Birding

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What Bird - The Ultimate Bird Guide
This site has tools to help you identify North American bird species as well as an active forum.

All About Birds
All About Birds is produced by Cornell University. This is a very useful website because many different wild bird species are covered. All you have to do is select the name of the bird and a page comes up with lots of useful information and photos for that bird species. Bird conservation, attracting birds, why birds sing, and other bird topics of interests are covered.

Birds in backyards and the wild. Bird types, pictures, songs and calls, birding, bird watching guides and equipment.

Make Your Own Bird Food
Make homemade wild bird food with our FREE recipes and your household ingredients.

Birding and More
Tips for successful birding, bird identification, birding equipment, and places to bird. Includes a free bi-weekly newsletter, blog, photos of local birds, and more.

China Birding
This blog provides photos, news and information about birding in China. Case studies of specific bird species are provided as the main content.

My site is about free videos, photos and descriptions of birds. Most come from Quebec, Canada.

Winter Care for Garden Birds
Learn how to care for wild birds during the winter.

Birding News
A birding site that you can post or view other peoples recent sightings.

Bird Forum
An active birding forum dedicated to wild birds.

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