Wild Birds & Birding

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Bird Watching.net
Bird watching is a fun and entertaining activity, especially if you share your passion for birding with your friends or family. Watching the birds in the air or in the trees is already a very pleasant experience. Check out our reviews on bird watching gadgets.

Squirrels at the Feeder
Weblog dedicated to watching birds in my backyard while battling the squirrels in my bird feeders.

Bird Watchers Digest
Tips on bird identification, bird feeding, and much more.

Backyard Birding Blog
Guides, tips and advice on backyard birding. Including how to attract birds, different types of birds, birding equipment and backyard bird identification.

British Bird Lovers
British Bird Lovers is dedicated to anyone who enjoys caring for and observing wild birds. Here you will be able to find information about garden birds and bird watching in the UK.

British Birds
Everything you need to know about British birds.

Thayer Birding Software
See the top-rated birding software at ThayerBirding.com.

This Web site has lots of information related to wild birds, including information on identifying, attracting, and protecting wild birds.

Backyard Birds of Modesto
Bird pictures, identification and observations of wild bird behavior from a California backyard.

Bird Watching
EarlyBirdWatching.com is an informative site designed for bird watchers by providing resources and information geared to assist them with the enjoyment of this wonderful hobby.

The Great Backyard Bird Count
The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual four-day event that engages bird watchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of where the birds are across the continent. Anyone can participate, from beginning bird watchers to experts. The next Great Backyard Bird Count will take place Feb 17-20, 2017. Count birds anytime, anywhere, with ebird. Visit our site for details.

Birding.com is a comprehensive resource for all your bird watching needs - info for beginning bird watching, species identification, photos, and more.

Avibirds Suriname
Online guide to the birds of Suriname. The most extensive site on the birds of Suriname.

Avibirds Europe
Online guide to the birds of Europe.

Apprentice Falconer - Falconry - Birds of Prey
Site about my passion for birds of prey.

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