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Pet Birds

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The Nestling Haven
Breeder of healthy tame pet birds and online bird toy store.

Eclectus Parrots
An informative Eclectus Parrots website & forum.

Birds n Ways
A guide to the care and breeding of pet birds. They also offer classified ads, forums, articles, breeders, chat rooms, as well as many links to other bird resources.

World of Exotic Pet Birds
Dr. Jungle's World of pet birds shares pet bird information and pictures of birds. All types of exotic birds including Amazons, Macaws, and other large parrots; parakeets, cockatiels and small parrots; finches, canaries, doves and more. Bird care and information on feeding and diet, taming and training, diseases, and baby bird care to provide you and your pet bird with the best!

Fischer's Lovebirds
This site has a lot of information on the care and rearing of lovebirds, as well as lots of photos and videos.

The Pet Bird Page - Parrots
Has photos and descriptions of many different parrot species. Also covers the care of pet parrots.

African Grey Parrots
African Grey Parrot Centre is dedicated to African Grey Parrots, it's a complete resource and community that will aid you with every aspect of owning and caring for your African Grey Parrot.
A Web site devoted to finches that includes breeding tips, pictures, finch t-shirts and gifts, care information, book reviews, and more.

ZBirds Aviary
ZBirds Aviary specializes in zebra finches of rare colors. This site also has a lot of good finch photos and care information.

Arcadiana Aviary
A breeder of finches located in Franklin, LA. There is information and photos of each bird species offered for sale.

The Finch Niche
The Finch Niche has information on breeding and handfeeding finches, photos of finch species, information on their care, and more.

Two Little Finches
Information about caring for pet finches and other pet birds and bird news video clips.

Canarios Satine Nuno Vaz
Canrios satine amarelo mosaico, satine branco e lipocromo amarelo. Site is in Portuguese.

Parrot Parrot
You'll find lots of information at for keeping your parrots happy and healthy. Find wing trimming tutorials, info on teaching parrots to talk, a basic care guide, a parrot forum, and much more.

African Grey Parrots
Information regarding many aspects of the African grey parrot species such as breeding, diet, and care information.

Ozparrots Aviaries
We are an Australian parrot breeder - we mainly breed red rumps in platinum blue opaline and pied and a combination of them. Drop by and have a look.

My Gouldian Aviary
My Gouldian Aviary has information on gouldian and other finch species, lots of photos, and more.

The Web's complete bird show calendar.

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