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A Hummingbird Guide
A guide all about hummingbirds. This site offers a fun resource of helpful information and tips about attracting hummingbirds with feeders and flowers. There is a nectar recipe, gardening zones for planting a hummingbird garden and some amazing facts about the hummingbird.
An excellent website where you'll learn all about North American hummingbirds.

Ogygian Hummers
Ogygian Hummers, the hummingbird website of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, supports and encourages admiration, interest, concern and awareness for the Trinidad and Tobago hummingbird, hummingbirds of the Caribbean and their habitats, Caribbean bird live and Caribbean wildlife in general. The website offers information on hummingbird species identification, profiles, behavior, range hotspots, trails, plants and flowers, feeders, etc.