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Two Little Finches
A website all about finches - caring for your finches, finch species information, bird news, pet bird information, and more.
A Web site devoted to finches that includes breeding tips, pictures, finch t-shirts and gifts, care information, book reviews, and more.

ZBirds Aviary
ZBirds Aviary specializes in zebra finches of rare colors. This site also has a lot of good finch photos and care information.

Arcadiana Aviary
A breeder of finches located in Franklin, LA. There is information and photos of each bird species offered for sale.

The Finch Niche
The Finch Niche has information on breeding and handfeeding finches, photos of finch species, information on their care, and more.

My Gouldian Aviary
My Gouldian Aviary has information on gouldian and other finch species, lots of photos, and more.

Pedro Oliveira - Exotic finches breeder
Breeder: Emblema picta, Diamante phaeton, D. gould, D. modesto, D. kittliz, D. papagaio, D. forbes, D. peale, D. estrela, Amandinas cabeça vermelha, Amandinas degolados, bengalins. Site is in Portuguese.

Glamorous Gouldians
Breeder specializing in Lady Gouldian finches and selling bird supplies. We carry Abba, Twin Beaks Aviary, Avitech, Vetafarm, Quiko, Nekton, Higgins, SunSeed, Morning Bird, and more.

Magda's little Aviary
Excellent site for finches in Wisconsin.

My Gouldian Aviary
How to colony raise the Gouldian finch in an outdoor garden aviary. A beautifully illustrated site that is family friendly and secure.