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Canarios Eutiquio Silva
Canarios & Hybridos. Site is in Portuguese.

Canarios Satine Nuno Vaz
Canrios satine amarelo mosaico, satine branco e lipocromo amarelo. Site is in Portuguese.

Fife Fancy
Espero que gostem da passarada e do blog.

Canàrios Faísca Campeão Mundial
Portuguese canary site.

Spanish Timbrado Canaries
Useful information in English about Spanish Timbrado: what is a Timbrado, different song lines, ways of tutoring, mp3 song files from some of our own birds.

Criadouro Gloster da Serra
Official website of the Sierra Breeding Gloster. The exclusive creation of Gloster canaries (lipochrome, painted and melanin). Manager: Marcelo Bueno da Cunha. Jundiaí - Sao Paulo - Brazil  |  Affiliated to the Club of Breeders of Canaries, Sao Paulo. (Portuguese site)

A Place for Canaries - Robirda's Birds
Robirda's pet bird and canary care resources, learn about caring for and breeding your pet canaries, see canary cam photos, for bird owners or breeders who care about their pet canary.