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The Nestling Haven
Breeder of healthy tame pet birds and online bird toy store.

Averill Farms
A Florida aviary that specializes in healthy, socialized, hand-fed parrots.

Bird Breeders
This site provides links to bird breeders of many different bird species. They also have a forum, photos, and more.
A Web site devoted to finches that includes breeding tips, pictures, finch t-shirts and gifts, care information, book reviews, and more.

ZBirds Aviary
ZBirds Aviary specializes in zebra finches of rare colors. This site also has a lot of good finch photos and care information.

Arcadiana Aviary
A breeder of finches located in Franklin, LA. There is information and photos of each bird species offered for sale.

The Feather Farm
Hand-fed baby birds, breeder birds, pet and breeder bird supplies including bird cages, bird food, and other bird care needs at savings up to 60% off retail.

Ozparrots Aviaries
We are an Australian parrot breeder - we mainly breed red rumps in platinum blue opaline and pied and a combination of them. Drop by and have a look.

Pedro Oliveira - Exotic finches breeder
Breeder: Emblema picta, Diamante phaeton, D. gould, D. modesto, D. kittliz, D. papagaio, D. forbes, D. peale, D. estrela, Amandinas cabeça vermelha, Amandinas degolados, bengalins. Site is in Portuguese.

Tommy's Pet Paradise
Hobby breeder and preservationist of the: Red Junglefowls (quality wild-strains), American Onagadori (world's longest tail chicken), Champion Malaysian Serama Class A's & B's (world's smallest chicken), Bantam Phoenix (show quality), Modern Game (show quality), Fancy Pheasants (Red Goldens, Yellow Goldens, Reeves, Pure Silvers, Lady Amhersts, etc. - from quality lines) and rare/native quails (California Valley Quail, Gambel's Quail, Northern Bobwhites, White Bobwhites, Georgia Giants, Japanese "Coturnix" Quails, Chinese Painted "Button" Quails, etc. - from quality lines), various gamebirds & small birds - Pin-tailed Whydahs, Finches, Lady Gouldian Finches, Doves, etc.

Goldfinch and Canary - Breeding Your Birds Better and Healty!
European Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis, Jilguero, Chardonneret, Cardellino, Stiglic, Stiglica, Cesljugar, Canaries, Bird Breeders, Birdwatching, Birds, Ornithology, canto de jilguero. How to improve your breeding of goldfinches and canaries, better and healthy.

D & R Treasures Aviary
Our World Has Gone To The Birds... Yours Can Too! We raise Greencheek, Jenday and Sun Conures, as well as, Lovebirds, Mutation Parrotlets and Quakers. We also have cages, toys, etc., everything you need for your new baby.

Summerville Aviaries
Hand reared parrots, parrot boarding, parrot hire, parrot rescue and rehabilitation.

Kings Birds
Site includes bird sales, and information on birds.

Lone Palm Birds
We are a very small home based aviary. We are currently working in conjunction with many other exotic bird breeders to provide the finest in hand fed baby birds. All babies are hand fed, spoiled rotten, and weaned onto a pelleted diet.