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Birding Resources

Bird watching is a fun and entertaining activity, especially if you share your passion for birding with your friends or family. Watching the birds in the air or in the trees is already a very pleasant experience. Check out our reviews on bird watching gadgets.

Bird Watcher Buddy
Whether you are looking for a birding friend or a birding lover, Birdwatcher Buddy creates a fun and comfortable environment where you can search from the privacy of your own home! No need to get muddy for this search!

You can go on birding trips together or plan to see the world together and look for that special bird. We also welcome members who love to share bird and nature photography, botanical study, butterfly discovery and other nature passions.

Won't it be wonderful to share your backyard birding stories or possibly blend your birding habitats together one day? It truly makes life worth living to share a passion with a loved one or a special friend.

Birdwatcher Buddy also promotes finding that special non-romantic birding buddy, someone you can bird with while visiting a new town or in your own area. Don't wait and sign up today and start your search for the "rarest bird" of all!

Please fill out our quick registration form and start searching today. Membership is free. Happy Searching!

Find someone today who will share your passion for birds and birding! Photos, E-mail and Chat! Sign Up Today for FREE!!

Bird Special Offers
Offering bird food, bird feeders and bird seed like sunflower heart chips, black sunflowers seeds, dried mealworms, suet and fat foods, seed mixes, nyjer seed, peanuts, live foods, bird table, bird water bath, nest box for birds and squirrel proof feeders.

Roller Feeder Bird Feeders
Offering squirrel proof bird feeders since 1998.

Backyard Decorative Birdhouses
Decorative Birdhouses | Wild Birdhouses | Barnwood Birdhouses | Birdfeeders

Purple Martin Superstore
Purple Martin themed gifts, art, apparel, and housing supplies.

Backyard Birdz
Articles on attracting birds and product reviews on birding accessories for your backyard.

Rachels Robin Wild Bird Feeders is dedicated to the welfare of our nation's birds. A portion of our retail proceeds is donated to organizations that promote the proper care and respect of wild birds. Shop our store for great prices on wild bird feeders and supplies.

British Bird Food
Wild bird food, feeders, nest boxes and accessories. Free next day delivery, all in re-usable packaging.

Bird Song Identiflyer
ShopIdentiflyer is the manufacturer of the world's easiest bird song identification, the Identiflyer. No more hard to use tapes and CDs. The Identiflyer is a handheld device that offers 100s of bird song recordings.

Backyard Wild Birds
Feature wild bird feeder pole systems with bird feeders, bird feeder poles, and squirrel stopper baffle protectors. Learn how to squirrel proof bird feeders and how to attract wild birds. Invite wild birds into your backyard garden and see nature accent your landscape.

Wagner's Wild Bird Foods
Wagner's produces very high quality food for wild birds. I've personally used the Wagner's brand "Greatest Variety" and birds love it!

Bird Feeder Pole
100% guaranteed bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, wild bird seed and foods ... discounts on specials, clearance and overstocks bird houses, garden decor, hummingbird feeders, and squirrel proof bird feeders.

Birdhouses from Maine
Each piece is designed by handcrafting new and resalvaged materials from our shop in Maine. No two pieces will be exactly alike, giving each piece its own identity like the buyer's of our products.

Backyard Birding | The Best Bird Feeders and Accessories
Discount bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses, bird food and all your other backyard birding needs. From droll yankees to glass bird feeders and all bird watching accessories.

Birdbarn - Birdhouses & Nest boxes
Supply a delightful selection of wooden birdhouses, bird feeders, bird tables and accessories for your garden.

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